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P/C Big Spider Familiar Card

In Broa? I’ve seen 20~40mil.

Value of this stuff?

In Broa! I’m a complete noob at merching so help me out, tumblr? :> Offerring free chibi drawings of any Maplestory character to first three reasonable replies ^^; This stuff’s for sale too, just offer I guess.. Something reasonable, though. I’m not that dumb.

•Regne (cane) 80 wep att (below average) [I’m guessing 800k~1mil? @-@]

•“ 83 wep att +2% att +2% magic att +4% crit rate

•Half Earrings 55 magic def +8% dex +3% magic def +32 avoidability

•Super Summer Green Surfboard 89 wep att +5 speed [500k~600k? Dunno.]

•Green Adventurer Cape 10 wep def 16 magic def +3% int +3 int +10 accuracy

•“ 61 wep def 45 magic def +50 max hp

•Black Gaia Cape 21 wep def 26 magic def

•Scroll for Spear for ATT 60%

•Dark Scroll for Accessory for INT 30%

•Scroll for Wand for Magic Attack 60%

•Tenacious Green Gilded Belt Recipe